NEWS : 23/04/2019


Dune is a piece inspired by the sandy hills formed by the nature Aeolian processes. This object simulates the beauty of the undulating waves in the sandy desert dunes and their gentle valleys.
NEWS : 22/04/2019


Snake is an extremely exotic vase inspired by the sophistication of snake scales skin texture. A cylindrical shaped piece of vertical posture, giving it a timeless character that allows it to become a piece of art by itself.
NEWS : 18/04/2019


A moodboard is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.
Creating concepts and conceiving projects from those concepts is a fantastic process, filled with inspirations, searchs and ideas.
From furniture, to lighting, accessories and much more, the idea is to create a harmonious environment, where peace and relaxation are present.
NEWS : 17/04/2019


Numero Living conceives its collection with inspirations from many elements of nature.
Some are more special than others. Your home décor will never be the same with the decorative pieces.
Perfectly assembled with any furniture design, the animal-inspired décor objects will bring texture, colour and feeling to any space of the house.
These are some hand made exclusive pieces that add a refined touch into any luxury décor.
Snakes, Sharks and many others, are animals that inspire us in the creation of iconic pieces that will be remembered forever.
Create your inspiring décor with Numero Living.
NEWS : 16/04/2019


Dress up you home with Numero Living’s new Lighting Collection.
Made with the finest crystal stones and brass, our 3 three new pieces represent the evolution, the elegance and the sophistication of the brand.
Your home will never be the same again.

Charlotte Chandelier
Inspired by the love and the bond between mother and daughter, this Chandelier is a true masterpiece. A statement piece made with prime materials and exquisite finishes. Ideal for a contemporary décor, this piece will bring a touch of refinement and exclusivity.

Match Table Lamp
A perfect “match” between simplicity and richness.
A table lamp that will add a soft and gracefull statement into your home design.
Ideal for a living room, an entrance hall or even a library, this decorative lighting piece adds harmony into a luxurious décor.

Petit Table Lamp

Your perfect and most desired sleeping light is here. Ideal for a bedside table, this piece follows the design trends of beauty and simplicity, with a refined touch of gold that creates a warm and cosy environment.